Dear Sweet February. . .

*A short post about the shortest month*

Goodbye never-ending January. Hello sweet February!

Now that January is officially over (do I hear a loud chorus of AMENS being sung from just about everyone on the planet? Why yes, I think I do.) it’s time to get serious about 2021. And thanks to the ongoing challenges of ‘le confinement’ – aka the great pause – it seems like none of us have to search too far to find something to get serious about. Especially since 2020 appears to be the gift that keeps on giving.

I mean, I see those bubbles circling around your head and all the questions being asked. Is this thing ever going to end? If/when it does end, will I have any sanity left? And what if, purely by chance, I’m the only one left with any sanity at that point. Then what? Because to be honest, I don’t really feel up to the task of you know, babysitting everyone else. I just don’t. I might have a few years back, but these days being an adult takes up too much time and zaps my energy, what little that 2020 left for me.

But, for sure there’s hope. . .

Enter February, the shortest, sweetest month of them all. And also the one where we all believe in love.

We have high hopes for you, February! Please don’t disappoint.

Even if your definition of love has turned to dark chocolate covered pretzels. (Guilty.) Or Opus One 2013. (Yes, please!)

Not that I’m rejecting people-loving this month. It’s just that pretzels and wine, and heck, even dogs, don’t ask for anything in exchange. It’s kind of a love me/leave me type of affair. Which is why I feel hopeful about February. It’s short. It’s full of all kinds of sweet. And in the blink of an eye you can even procrastinate about getting serious – just yet – this year, and move on to March where there’s always a little more trouble ahead.

Meanwhile, as we saunter our way through February, why not take a short pause to figure out where you want to head in 2021? I know, I know. Most people do that in January, but as we’ve already mentioned here, last month was a big bust this year. Something like high hopes followed by lower-your-expectations and just get on with it.

Which is how we ended up in February already.

So, if you’ll allow me this one month for a short pause, I pinky promise to get back to some actual travel posts in the near future, even if I’m still temporarily grounded, because

Life is a trip, but few of us know where we are going right now. Just hang tight and buckle up for the ride ahead.

Here’s to hoping there’s a sweet journey ahead for us all. . .

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Just your average middle age gal trying to deal with career/life/family changes and issues while studying people and places, one lobby bar at a time.

9 thoughts on “Dear Sweet February. . .

  1. I love “enter February, the shortest, sweetest month of the year full of love” . We all need short, sweet and love right now. Thanks for sharing your optimism and positivity.


  2. Hello my missed lady friend.

    Yes short and sweet is certainly the best thought. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and then on to St. Patty’s Day and some green beer (oh remember those young and stupid days).

    Lou Ann


  3. Funny how we have ended up in February already and staring at the month of March that will probably forever feel like the dooms day month to all hospitality people. Here we go, almost 2 year into this drama.


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