Theoretically, a good read should also entertain.  In this category you’ll catch a little bit of my humor and possibly some of my soul.  I hope you enjoy both as I share random writings that have been published and scattered all over the planet via cyberspace and various print mediums.   If it makes you smile, feel free to share the love!

See You Later, Alligator! – A fun, real life story about the alligator that visited my own neighborhood not too long ago and how we [eventually] parted ways.  – Altamonte-Wekiva Springs Life, July/Aug 2015 (pages 22-23)
Off Season Grind – Again with the baseball stories!  This was a feature on our local St. Louis Cardinal pro-turned-coffee-lover, John Gast,  during off season. Altamonte-Wekiva Springs Life (page 26), March/April 2015
Are You Entertaining this Holiday Season? – In this I offer some tips – gleaned from my many years of event management –  about being a memorable hostess.  Altamonte-Wekiva Springs Life (pages 24-25), Nov-Dec 2014
Me & Ms. Oprah – as published by TML for your amusement after “IT” almost happened during a business trip to Dallas, TX in December of 2012.  The scene was the lobby bar, and you’ll have to read it to understand ‘the rest of the story’. . .
At Home, On Deck – (Because baseball is ‘my other life’) as published in Altamonte – Wekiva Springs Life, March-April 2014
It’s All Made With Love – A follow up to the feature story (listed below) about Joseph DelVento and how much love he put into his own recipes.  Published in Altamonte – Wekiva Springs Life, March-April 2014
From Puccini to Fettuccine – A feature interview with a community icon and former restauranteur, Joseph DelVento, formerly of the beloved La Scala restaurant (and yes, he sang opera ‘over there’!), as published in Altamonte – Wekiva Springs Life, Jan-Feb 2014
More Is A Four-Letter Word! – A lifestyle post about the good and bad aspects of ‘more’. Published on, 2012