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Tried and True Graduation Tips by Terry Matthews-Lombardo Book Cover
Tried and True Graduation Tips by Terry Matthews-Lombardo

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What we know for sure is that there is no one definitive manual for life training, so TRIED AND TRUE GRADUATION TIPS is meant to be a short, sweet, and sensible guide to genuine things a graduate needs to know before going out in the real world.  Included in this 42-page book is a checklist of helpful tools and skillsets needed for anyone hoping to go out on professional job interviews, an outline of basic business manners that will help graduates present an impressive visual resume as well as an overview of essential social skills needed in the job search.This book is intended to be an educational yet fun read, perfect for a graduation gift, but also a learning tool for parents and family members of the graduates as you go through the process.  It is dedicated to all graduates “because you haven’t finished learning yet!”

Here are a couple of quick excerpts:From Chapter One – Ground Rules in Life that Never Fail:
“Grads, we know what you’re thinking.  I HATE rules!  I’m a grad now and want to go out in the world where FREEDOM ROCKS! Well, guess what?  Even in our ‘free’ society there are still plenty of rules.  You already know a bunch of them (thanks, mom and dad, for making me eat my fruits and veggies), but if you want to succeed in the class you are immediately enrolled in after graduation, aka Life Management and/or REALITY there are some new rules you’ll need for navigating what lies ahead.  We are aware that you didn’t officially enroll in this class, but just as your body now wants to sleep in until noon each and every day, it’s a given that the day after graduation you are officially enrolled in LM101.  So let’s just accept the inevitable and move on with some valuable ground rules.”From Chapter Two – Your Mother Wasn’t Kidding about Those Manners:
“No joke.  Good manners will take you far.  So in an effort to save you time (and if we can get to your grandma before she buys that useless Book of Etiquette for you we’ll be saving her money, too. . .) we’re going to summarize what you need to know about manners, etiquette and civility (three scary words, right?) as they pertain to moving forward in life.  Okay – phones down (please?) and pay attention!”From Chapter Four – Making an Impact During Your Job Interview:
“First of all, realize that interviews are mostly about two things:  first impressions and work potential of the applicant.  If you don’t make an effort [clean up and look professional] to try for a good first impression for a job interview, then when will you?  The job search is generally the first big step into reality after graduation so be as polished and prepared as possible in order to snag a dream job that hopefully will launch a long and successful career.”

This book consists of 6 quick-read chapters PLUS a Bonus Reading section titled, “Ten Things I Wish My Parents Had Told Me When I Was Your Age”.

Here’s #4 from that list:

“That my first apartment would NOT come equipped with maid service, a laundry lady, chef, clean sheets, a personal organizer to handle my scheduling needs, an accountant, chauffeur to run my errands, decorator, a wallet full of money to draw from when I didn’t feel like cooking myself dinner, and a loving family to greet me morning, noon, and night.”

And here’s #7:

“That I should ask people questions – lots of them – especially about themselves or things that they know and I NEED to know.”


“Quick read with lots of great tidbits. I’ll be adding to my purchase list to give my graduate in a few years.”
– Amazon Reviewer, Carolyn Browning, January 2015

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“This guidebook makes a great gift choice for graduates. It’s smart, simple and funny. The author’s emphasis on lifelong learning is key to her helpful suggestions for navigating the world beyond graduation. The digital format makes sense for today’s young people who read online. The book also works as a template for parents to write their own advice for their graduates, and so makes a good gift for parents as well! “
– Another satisfied Amazon reviewer, Nancy Zuccaire, April 2015