Published Travel Stories

They say everyone has a story to tell, and I believe every trip leaves a footprint and has it’s own voice.  Here are some published travel narratives of mine, and I sure hope you enjoy taking the journey with me!

Encore Atlanta

Pack animals

I share some packing trips for frequent travelers in this article.

Disney for Grown-Ups

Disney for adults? You betcha! Check out my top recommendations as published in Encore Atlanta for enjoying this world class attraction even without the kids!

Island Time

Sure had fun writing this article about the special area known as Georgia Golden Isles

Sarasota Is…

This was a fun travel piece comparing Sarasota, FL, to their circus ties, including a side trip or two to other great things to do in this beautiful beach town!

Orlando Sentinel

Your Next Weekend Getaway: Streamsong Resort

Ever heard of Streamsong Resort? It was new to me, too, but wow what a find! And right here close to home in Central Florida!

Independent Traveler

Feliz Navidad in Cancun, Mexico!

Travel with my family as we enjoyed a Christmas holiday at an all inclusive resort in Cancun.


Hotel Check In – Is That Excess Baggage I See In the Lobby?

This was a lifestyle post on about all the interesting comings and goings you can witness while waiting in a hotel lobby and observing people and their baggage.

More Travel Stories

Since I do travel for a living, my regular blog posts normally cover this topic and you can check them out here.