Do You Have a Post-Pandemic Travel Wish List?

Are you ready to come out of your COVID cloud and travel somewhere? It’s time to lift off and go places again (safely, of course). Where are your post pandemic travel dreams taking you these days? I’m sharing a few of mine here.

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Are you grumpy because you miss travel? Then you’re in my new group where we all suffer with travitude. Read on for what that means and how sharing our travel memories can help us cope!

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Meeting Business as Usual – with caveats

If you’re curious about what it’s like to get on an airplane again as well as check in to a hotel during pandemic pandemonium read on for details from my recent experience on a business trip to Nashville.

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Remember Travel?

Tired of sitting at home staring out the window and thinking about your next escape? Take a journey with me as we visually revisit some of my personal travel ‘postcards’, and who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to pull out some of your own memories! Yet one more activity you can do from the comfort of your couch!

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Christmas on a Cruise?

Yes, we finally did it exactly one year ago this month.  And while I had a tiny bit of pre-trip anxiety about what it would be like (well, actually more like a feeling of “nothing can beat Christmas in my jammies at home with my “special eggnog” and sister’s delicious homemade cookies, but go ahead […]

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Nice Hotel Touches That Often Surprise!

The Broadmoor magically lit up for the holidays in Colorado Springs, CO.

Because I travel a lot, I get to stay in and explore many different types of hotels. In fact, you could say I’ve seen the good (Hello, JW Marriott!), the bad (did I actually stay at a beach dump called the Very Pleasant & Happy Hawaiian Inn?), and the exceptional (please don’t make me go home Mr. AAA and 5 Diamond Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs! I can’t bear to ever leave you…)

And even though many things in a hotel room are predictable, I’m still frequently pleasantly surprised when exploring a new room, even if the hotel is part of a standard chain where you would expect consistency in every room you visit. But I’ve found that what sets most hotels apart are the small unexpected touches that make you stop and pause, many times with a smile.

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Fancy Nancy Goes to Paris  

Terry Matthews Lombardo in flight attendant uniform

Some stories just have to be told. This is one of them.

​Not so many years ago… okay, that’s kind of a lie. It was many years ago, ahem, when I was a flight attendant. So many years in fact that the correct terminology back then was stewardess, and I still have an engraved charm on a bracelet to remind me of that. It was given to me by some stewardess friends to mark the occasion of my first flight as a stew and it says, appropriately, “I’m a Stew!”, and it’s dated Aruba-June 16, 1977 since that was my inaugural flight. And, while the job is basically still the same, I’m guessing that flight attendant is a little more politically correct/all inclusive these days. Regardless of the title, I was one, and as a result have some great stories from those days. This is that, and more.

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Cooking School in Tuscany:  Oh YES, we did!   

Le Centinelle, located close to Greve in the Chianti region of Tuscany.

Some people dream of it, and I must confess, the thought (along with some level of curiosity) had crossed my mind in the past. But in all honesty, it wasn’t high on my ‘must do’ bucket list. However, now that I can cross it off as been there/done that, I’m willing to admit it was definitely one of the high points of our most recent trip to Italy!

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I’m Singin’ About a Singapore Sling!

sign of the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore

Do you remember what your first adult beverage was? I do. Kind of. Pretty sure it was – after a little experimentation with the most popular wine during my college wine drinking days, aka Annie Green Springs [?!] – a Singapore Sling.

Why, you ask? Not sure except that maybe, perhaps it was popular at the time? OR, maybe/perhaps it sounded cool, like it might even be able to transport me half way around the world to that far off land called Singapore? Yeah, that’s what I’m going with.

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Planes and Boats and Trains . . .

          . . .and taxis, bikes, shuttles busses, and limos, too.  This is the end of the never-ending cruise story series!  But, before I get to the wrap up, I do want to thank everyone who has been reading these blog posts and taking the journey with us.  For sure it was a memorable and fun trip, […]

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Day 15 – Venice, Italy                  

            Thursday, June 27:   VENEZIA!             “If you read a lot, nothing is as great as you’ve imagined.                          Venice is — Venice is better.”   [Fran Lebowitz] I totally agree.  And judging by the passenger comments we overheard from all those who were gathered on the upper deck as our ship cruised into port this […]

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Day 14- Dubrovnik, Croatia      

 Wednesday, June 26 Croatia is where again?“I’m sorry; could you repeat what you just said?”  For a minute, I thought I heard husband say he wanted to go mountain biking in Croatia but he must have said ‘I want to go mountain hiking’ in Croatia.  Yes, surely that’s what he said.  A nice leisurely stroll […]

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Day 13 – Kotor, Montenegro

   Tuesday, June 25: Kotor, Montenegro   Surprise!  It’s Both Old and New Here’s a true confession:  Prior to our cruise, I really had no idea where this country was, nor did I know anything about it.  In fact, I actually mistakenly thought that Montenegro was a city, not a country.  And even though we had […]

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DAY 12 – Corfu, Greece

Monday, June 24: Corfu, Greece   OOPA! Even though we were first-timers to Greece, I can’t really say that there were any surprises on this stop. It looked like all the pictures we had ever seen of any one of the Greek Islands, only much, much more spectacular.  Turquoise waters splashing up against rocky coves, brilliantly […]

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Day 11 – Sicily    

  Sunday, June 23:  Sicily – Non di Corsa             Not in a hurry.  Piú piano.  Slower! When I think back to our day spent on the island of Sicily I remember the relaxed, leisurely pace of it all.  Very reminiscent of ‘old Italy’, the kind we see portrayed in movies where there’s action but […]

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16 Stories – Sorrento & Capri         

  DAY 10 – Saturday, June 22:  Sorrento/CAPRI where  Lemons= Limoncello=Happiness           First of all, let’s all get a piccolo glass of limoncello in our hands as we read this little story because as world-savvy travelers, you do know that this area around Naples, specifically Sorrento and the Island of Capri, is where that luscious-lemony-liquid […]

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Day #9 – When In Rome. . .         

This picture of the Vatican was NOT taken on this trip because, well, remember when I told you we are sight-skippers? Yes we are, and yes, we did.  Friday, June 21:  Civitavecchia/Rome Big decision for us today, and the contemplation actually had begun several days earlier.  You see on a cruise, one has to make […]

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Day #8 – Tuscany       

  Thursday, June 20 –  Lovely Lucca! Have you ever pictured yourself enjoying a leisurely afternoon in Tuscany, perhaps shopping and sipping wine?  Well, did that vision ever include you riding a bicycle?  Up until today, I must confess, mine did not, but all of a sudden here we were getting sized up for our […]

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Day #7 – Bongiorno, Italy!   

Day 7 – Wednesday, June 19 – First Stop:  Portofino, Italy With our cruise ship anchored in Portofino Bay, we took our breakfast dining al fresco alongside the incredibly alluring panorama of coastal scenery, and I simply couldn’t get Andre Bocelli off my mind.  You see, back at home just a few short months earlier […]

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16 Stories – All Aboard!             

Day 6 – Tuesday, June 18 – Regent Cruise Lines, Seven Seas Mariner               What’s not to love about starting the day with an endless breakfast buffet in a gorgeous European hotel venue and meeting interesting new acquaintances as you size them up for ‘worthiness’ as potential travel companions prior to boarding your Mediterranean […]

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