Travel Stories

They say everyone has a story to tell, and I believe every trip leaves a footprint and has it’s own voice.  Here are some published travel narratives of mine, and I sure hope you enjoy taking the journey with me!

Meetings & Conventions

I was always told to write about what you know, and as a veteran meeting planner I know a bit about this industry. Here is a sample of published articles that can be seen in national trade publications like Midwest Meetings, Plan Your Meetings, Corporate & Incentive Travel, Prevue Magazine, the SPIN monthly newsletter and plenty of others. Let’s meet together!


Theoretically, a good read should also entertain.  In this category you’ll catch a little bit of my humor and possibly some of my soul.  I hope you enjoy both as I share random writings that have been published and scattered all over the planet via cyberspace and various print mediums.   If it makes you smile, feel free to share the love!


Tried and True Graduation Tips

by Terry Matthews-Lombardo

Tried and True Graduation Tips by Terry Matthews-Lombardo Book Cover
Tried and True Graduation Tips by Terry Matthews-Lombardo

My book, Tried and True Graduation Tips, has 6 quick-read chapters for recent graduates plus a bonus entitled, “Ten Things I Wish My Parents Had Told Me When I Was Your Age.”


SPIN - Senior Planners Industry Network
Member of SPIN: Senior Planners Industry Network

Also, very proud to be a contributing writer and the former Editor of a monthly on-line newsletter for SPIN, the Senior Planner Industry Network.  Check it out.

Gershaw Conference Group

Adding another site, Gershaw Conference Group, Inc. to my list of active blogs to which I’m proud to contribute posts. This is an excellent meeting management company based in Boston, MA, that hires on site managers and places professional planners for temporary jobs in locations all over the country.  Here is where you can view their newsletter and read the TML blogs.