Do You Have a Post-Pandemic Travel Wish List?

I do, and if you’re honest about it I’m betting you do, too. After all, we’ve been kinda cooped up for a solid twelve months now and between all the binge watching (anyone else love The Crown? Emily in Paris?), couch traveling (thank you Stanley Tucci Searching for Italy), and bottomless daily happy hours (guilty, seriously guilty), I think it’s time we all focused on the road ahead which hopefully involves some travel dreams. Specifically, turning those dreams into reality. Soon, please!

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And just to clarify the question now running through your head, the answer is no. I’m not dreaming of taking off solo in a hot air balloon floating over the ocean. Good gosh, no! Quarantine may have done a zinger number on my psyche, but at this point I’ve still got at least partial wits about me.

At least I think I do. . .

So, back to that Post Pandemic Travel Wish List, as a travel writer I do get ask this a lot, so I’ve put some thought into mine and here are just a few places that immediately popped into my head:

Paris. Because, in the immortal words of Audrey Hepburn, “Paris is always a good idea.” And that, my friends, is one of many reasons she and I are so much alike. That and well, see if you can tell exactly which one of us it is in the below photo:

Is it me or Audrey? Who can really tell?

Italy. Always. Always. Anywhere, any time of the year, any little old museum/church/restaurant/outdoor trattoria that has an open seat for my COVID enhanced butt. Here’s a fun personal memory from Tuscany during a trip in 2017:

I just love how the macellaio photo-bombed my pix as I was trying to capture the enormous prosciutto in the gastronomia!

But, if you think I’m dreaming a little too far and wide right now since, you know, Europe is still off limits for even us vaccinated Americans, you are probably right. So, if I had to choose just one place – just one place? – in the USA that I might venture out when the time comes it might just be, drum roll. . .


Yes, that’s right as in Lake Tahoe, California or Nevada side. I’m not fussy. It’s gorgeous. It’s refreshing. It’s got mountains, and a crystal clear lake, and wonderful temperatures, and plenty of things to do.

It also has reasons to just sit in peace. On the beach or lost on a hiking trail. (Not that you need a reason to sit in peace, especially since we’re talking about post-Pandemic travel, but I digress with that thought.)

Plus, even though I’ve only been there once, the memories are vivid and full of happiness and fresh air, so that’s why it might just show up on my 2021 travel schedule whenever that takes flight.

Photo of Lake Tahoe by Soly Moses on Pexels.

Doesn’t that photo make you want to take a deep breath and just put C-19 well behind you?

So, how about you? What and where is on your pandemic travel wish list? Reply in the comments below and maybe we can at least travel-dream together!

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9 thoughts on “Do You Have a Post-Pandemic Travel Wish List?

  1. On my bucket list will be hiking in Utah. Lonnie and I did a trip almost every year and for the memories I would like to go again. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and peacefulness.

    Karen Peterson

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  2. We want the Viking cruise!!! We’ve been thinking about that since the kids got older and can stay with minimal supervision ! Grandma can watch them! Not sure yet where we want the cruise to go. Maybe Athens? Definitely fun to dream!

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    1. I love your dream, too! Viking operates fabulous cruises, especially the river cruises all over Europe. But I have to say if you ever get the chance for a Mediterranean cruise you just gotta do it! No matter which line you choose every stop is amazing and you get a taste of so much that Europe has to offer. If you get a chance, I wrote a fun commentary about our Med cruise experience a few years back and you can find it under the tab up on top. It’s a bit long but there was so much to that experience, and I posted it in chronological order so you can start from the preparations before departure and then follow along each day. It was one for the memory books, for sure! Thanks for sharing your response!


  3. My wish is to stay here in the good ole US and travel the eastern seaboard – Camden, Maine is a definite destination along with any small towns with great walking streets, some lobster and wine and cool ocean breezes. Oh my, I want to go now…..

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  4. So fun to read this! Anywhere international is on our wish list! Definitely Europe, like your wish to travel to as well. And also Japan. (Delayed trip from 2020.)


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Since I wrote that post travel is definitely opening up, but still with so many yellow flags I think we all need to be cautious with any immediate travel plans, but especially those that involve out of country. Japan is totally on my future wish list, too!


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