BOUNCING BACK or Making a Swivel?

Okay, remind me. Where were we again? You know, before all that Pandemic Pandemonium took over our lives?

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I’m asking because people keep saying “things are getting back to normal now” and yet, I’m not actually convinced normal can ever be achieved again. I mean, let’s be honest here, weren’t we all somewhere slightly north of whackadoodle to begin with?

I’ll go first, and the answer is yes. Yes, I was! Working constantly but never quite finishing the list has always been my standard, until it wasn’t. That’s right. Three months into 2020 and we all suddenly took a collective deep breath (mon Dieu! We weren’t even wearing masks yet!) while we waited for someone to tell us it was all going to be okay “in just (insert your worst possible scenario time frame)” even though we already had that sneaking suspicion it would not be okay. Ever. And now we know how that waiting period went, right?

Well, even though I’m a bit skeptical about “finding normal again” (maybe searching for Nemo would be easier?), I do think we’ve turned a corner and have collectively decided to move forward. You can call it your bounce back or the end of your own personal pandemic hell, but it does finally seem like the right time to return to the dance.

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The timing is right to return to the dance, but do you remember how to cha-cha?

Now back to this quest for finding your new normal, lemmehelpyouwiththat. Personally, I don’t think we have any hope in hell of a normal return to anything at this point. Work has changed. School has changed. Family life has taken on new dimensions and meaning. Heck, even going to the grocery store, church, or any restaurant is different in so many ways. And I speak with the confidence of someone who has just returned from several out of town trips when I tell you that travel has very definitely changed. In fact someone just asked me what my best travel advice is for those starting to venture out again and all I could offer was “lower your expectations” and “pack your patience.” I’m not saying it’s all gloom and doom, but there is a lot of unseen, unspoken chaos out there and best if you approach every day and every task with eyes wide open moving forward.

At the end of the day, whether you are bouncing back, making a pivot, or twirling yourself into the swivel of a swerving dervish, if we can all just return to that point in which we were functioning fine while being imperfectly perfect, I think we’ll be closer to home base, whatever that means in your world.

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Just your average middle age gal trying to deal with career/life/family changes and issues while studying people and places, one lobby bar at a time.

4 thoughts on “BOUNCING BACK or Making a Swivel?

  1. Terry

    I love this and the pictures really add to it. Are you the lady on the floor at the party

    How do start a Blog I have a lady I’m mentoring and she ask me and I have no clue

    Getting close to have book ready to publish. It’s interesting how all that works with Amazon

    Have a great weekend



    1. Hi Mike-thanks for reading and commenting. As a fellow writer you know that means a lot! The best advice I have for starting a blog is to first make sure you are writing each and every day. Once you get in the habit and groove of daily writing starting a blog will be more meaningful. After that you have to research blog host sites to see which ones are comfortable for you to navigate. It definitely doesn’t happen overnight! Good luck with the book launch, and I know we’ll stay in touch.


  2. Terry, whack-a-doodle is right! Weren’t we all?! Running crazy, no time to do what was really important. While the pandemic was tragic for many, I think it gave a lot of us the gift of time to breathe, slow down, re-acclimate to what is truly important, and re-evaluate our lives, careers, etc.. I recently traveled for the first time since February 2020 with my mom and niece, heading to a graduation. It was nice to do something “normal” and get my mom (82) out of the bubble she has been living in for the last year! But there was defintely a different vibe in the airports. I think it is hard to describe to people until you experience it. I for one am looking forward to finding my next career adventure and figuring out my “new normal!” Thanks for the great post, it made me chuckle. Hope to see you at an Orlando MPI Meeting soon!


    1. Hi Beth – thanks for reading and for your thoughtful comments. “A different vibe” is definitely part of the new norm, and as you know, even those of us who are writers are struggling to put it into words! Have faith on your career adventures and be open to whatever path lies ahead, and always remember that many times it is a crooked path of discovery. Feel free to stay in touch, and I do have two upcoming MPI presentations – coffee talk on July 8 and I’m also on a panel for the SEC later in July. Regards~ tml


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