Winter Came Early for Me This Year

Terry Matthews-Lombardo
And the above picture is proof positive!  In case you can’t tell by the huge smile on my face, that was A-OK with me even though I had to travel about three hours in air time to find the fluffy white stuff.  You see I live in sunny Florida so any chance I can get to play in the snow makes it a good day and a worthwhile trip for me.  So you can imagine how excited I was during my attendance at a recent conference in St. Louis when someone came in to our meeting room and announced that it was snowing outside – yippee!  I immediately put on my coat, scarf and gloves, brought specifically and hopefully for this moment in time, and raced outside to get my temporary snow-high for 2014.  While it’s true I do travel a lot, this past year brought me zero trips to Northern cold climates during the winter, and since this was officially my last scheduled travel for this calendar year, well, let’s just say I was pretty darn happy to see even the tiniest bit of flakes outside the hotel.
I mean really, what’s not to love about this stuff?  Especially when it makes such gorgeous transitions in the scenery like this photo I took showing the contrast of the fall colors on the tree as it was being gently kissed by the light snowfall.

And how about this ‘mini-snow pile’ on an outdoor seating area at a rooftop venue I visited during my event?  Okay, so maybe I got just a little photo-snapping happy about the weather conditions during my stay in St. Louis.  But again, have I mentioned that I live in Florida?  I liken my affection to seeing snow to that of what Northerners feel when they visit us here in the South every winter – sunshine – yeah!  And in truth, the other side to this story is that I grew up in Michigan, so for the first 21 years of my life, aka ‘Act I’,  snow played a starring role each and every winter.  And except for the constant shoveling. . . and scraping off cars before you could go anywhere. . . and dealing with snow tires. . . and having to wrap up entirely head to toe just to make it to the mailbox. . .and all those other minor inconveniences that you deal with when you live in snow-bound areas, well, winter was a welcome site to me.  So, how did I end up living happily ever after in the Sunshine State?  Suffice it to say, that was a detour that deserves it’s own blog!

But one thing I know for sure – for me, snow really is beautiful, calming and brings me to my happy place, albeit from a different time and era in my life.  Great memories?  You betcha.  Would I want to live up North again?  Honest answer – not so much.

Which brings me to the best part about living in Florida.  When you travel, no matter what temperature or weather conditions you encounter on your journey, the sun is always shining when you return to this state.  And that, my friends, is why I able to fall in love with seeing snow again during my recent visit to St. Louis.

And, just for grins, here’s another photo I snapped on that trip of a different kind of snowflake.  This one also put a big smile on my face, and I’m guessing it will for you, too.


Can you believe she was wearing snowflake pajamas while holiday decorating with snowflakes? Tooooo cute!

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