The Dog Ate My Check — Really!

And that right photo right there is proof positive!

That’s also how my week of dog-sitting daughter’s 8 month old puppy began.  One minute I was opening the January mail and smiling to discover timely receipt of first client payment of the new year, and then next minute I turned around to make a quick visit to the loo.  And seriously, in the blink of an eye, I returned to ‘the scene of the crime’ only to find some of the mail had fallen off the table and zzzzip-cruuuunch-tear-cheeeew.  The little happy dance I had been doing over receipt of my first 2015 paycheck turned into this:

I know what you’re thinking.  How could I put such an adorable little pup in the pen?  Well then, here are a few other reasons:


He also ate the newspaper – before I could even read the funnies!


Then there was all this.  Notice not one but two of my shoes in the mix here?

Needless to say, the week has been interesting.  If you’ve been following my blogs for long, then you know this is not the only “It’s NOT My Dog” that I care for, which is why you’d think I already know better about leaving things out that dogs might chew.  Guess I’m a slow learner.
The original, It’s NOT My Dog, in the act of committing his own set of crimes. 

Oh, and about that check?  Well, I didn’t feel right reaching out to the client to ask for a reissue without some kind of proof about the wild story; so that’s why I decided to assemble the remaining pieces and send them proof while also asking for forgiveness.  That’s also what spurred me to write this little blog to start the new year because I figured if this was week one, heck, what other excitement lies ahead for me in 2015?  Wish me luck! One final picture to show you my favorite way to view the two ‘house guests’ :



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