Happy Easter – Happy Spring!                       

Sometimes the words flow, and sometimes the pictures just speak for themselves.  Recently I was flipping through my phone-photos (it’s what you do when waiting in line, right?) and realized I had collected quite a few interesting ones of flowers.  Same goes for some fabulous desserts I’ve enjoyed, too, but today I’m going to share some of the floral ones because, well, it’s spring and who doesn’t love a fresh blooming Posey this time of year, right?  So, in honor of Easter week (and since I have no fun egg photos!) I’ll share a few of the ones that really put a smile on my face in hopes that I’m sharing the light and love that they all reflect.

First up – a white peacock made of orchids.  What else can be said about this jaw dropping display?


Yes, this is indeed a white peacock. Why, you ask? I guess just because. . .? Anyway, gorgeous, isn’t it?
The next one I snapped in the lobby of Caesar’s Palace hotel, Las Vegas, during a recent trip there.  It was just a beautiful spray of (I think) Azaleas, and the shades of pink were just screaming “look at me, aren’t I beautiful?” 
And here are two more breathtaking and creative examples of hotel lobby goodness, and I thought they were each so unique.  Forgive me for being a name dropper, but both are from Four Season’s Hotels, and yes, I know I’m a fortunate gal to be frequenting such fabulous hotels, both within a few months of each other!


Orchids and hydrangea hanging like starbursts in the lobby of the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, FL.


Taken in the lobby of Four Seasons Orlando Resort at Walt Disney World, December 2014.
And if all of those didn’t bring some sunshine your way, how about this last share?

So even though this post is light on words I hope you enjoyed this little floral detour.  Like I said before, sometimes you have to let pictures speak for themselves, and I’m hoping these beautiful blooms managed to chat with you just a little and cause you to pause during your busy week.  As the saying goes, sometimes you’ve just got to stop and smell the roses, and that is my Easter wish for all of you.


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