Farewell to the Hive!

goodbye photo

This is both hello and goodbye to all my Hospitality Hive readers!  Sorry to report that the Orlando Sentinel made a recent decision to end the run of all our Hype Orlando blog columns effective April 30, so this is it.

The Hospitality Hive was created in 2014, and since then I’ve shared close to 100 blog posts covering topics that ranged from tacky tourists to really cool hotel events to the invasion of Chinese travelers in Florida.  I shared my fun and educational experience as a pie judge for the American Pie Council annual competition and my enjoyment at attending a beer tasting dinner, which by the way was also educational but heck I’m not going to lie, mostly about fun.  I told you about ice carving competitions held poolside at The Rosen Centre Hotel and shared with you details about my chosen profession which is as a meeting planner.

If you enjoyed any or all of these stories, I invite you to continue the journey with me on my own blog spot which can be found at www.tmlwrites.com.  I will still be covering Orlando hospitality happenings, but also included are my own personal travel stories, detours and musings from the globe trotting I do here, there, everywhere around this planet as viewed from my vantage point, usually found in the hotel lobby bar.

In saying goodbye to my loyal Hive readers, I’m going to borrow this great quote from Tina Fey when she signed off from one of her Golden Globe hosting gigs:  “Thank you, everyone, this was the beautiful mess we hoped it would be.”

Until we meet again on another blog page, thanks for reading the Hospitality Hive!

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Just your average middle age gal trying to deal with career/life/family changes and issues while studying people and places, one lobby bar at a time.

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