More about me, Terry Matthews-Lombardo, CMP

TML has spent her professional life in one aspect or another of the hospitality industry.  In the beginning, it was just her smile and that newly-minted college degree in hotel management that got her hired at WDW, working front desk at the Contemporary Resort Hotel at a time when it was the largest facility in the South East.  After checking in (plus or minus) two zillion guests (and having only one of them attempt to launch a suitcase over the counter aimed at her head after being told – with a smile – “I’m sorry, there is no room reservation with your name on it, and we have no more availability.  Ever.”), she and her smile successfully moved on to other industry positions.  Those included being the Chief Flight Attendant and Trip Director for an international charter airline where she traveled the world from China to Paris to Aruba and beyond, a Certified Meeting Professional that still kept her on the move globally while contracting and managing over 100+ yearly meetings, and taking a pre-opening management position in Marketing & Special Events on Team One at Universal Studios Florida as they announced to the world they were arriving in town and meant business.

Today, still working successfully as an Independent Planner and Trip Director, Terry has also added writer ( , author (Tried and True Graduation Tips) , and speaker to her bio.  She feels that there’s a good story to be told from every trip and event in which she’s involved along with lessons learned in life management.  In Hospitality Hive she’ll be sharing a few, so pull up that bar stool and join the journey.  Sometimes it will be a direct flight and other times a detour, but that’s what will make this an interesting ride together.


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