Hey Pi People!

Listen up PI lovers. Today is your day! Woot-woot!

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You Be the Judge – It’s Not JUST a Pie!

TRUE CONFESSION: I’m writing this at the end of a weekend wherein I taste-tested over, um, gulp, 27 different pies.

There, I said it, and yes, I’m a pie butt, albeit this past weekend I was officially one for a very good cause. You see, I was honored/happy/over the moon when I recently found out that I had ‘made the cut’ (oye-now starts the pie puns. . .) to be an official judge at the recently completed National Pie Championships sponsored by the American Pie Council, whose purpose is “committed to preserving America’s pie heritage and promoting America’s love affair with pies.”

Yea, there really is, and you betcha, I really was!

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A Round of Pies for Everyone, Please!

Yes, that photo is me. What, like you think a pie-butt doesn’t need an official tee shirt? TRUE CONFESSION:  I’m a lover of pies, aka ‘pie-butt’.  It doesn’t really matter whether it’s blueberry (a la mode, please!), coconut cream (coffee with a shot of Kahlua?), or pure pumpkin (hello whipped cream goodness!).  You put a […]

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