Hey Pi People!

Listen up PI lovers.  Today is your day!  Woot-woot!

Yes, March 14 is the day when mathematicians around the world celebrate that Greek letter  pi day symbol

which is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant – the ratio of a circumference of a circle to its’ diameter –  which is approximately 3.14159. (Or, as their website refers to it as “both a number and a cultural phenomenon”.  Um, okay?)   And yes full disclosure, I did have to copy and paste that explanation so as to be accurate because gee whiz, no one has ever referred to me a mathematician.

On the other hand, I am somewhat of an expert about PIES.  And I’m pretty sure the fan club for that group is a lot bigger than the one for pi.  Just sayin’.

If you can't find a pie you love here, then you must be a cake lover!
If you can’t find a pie you love here, then you must be a cake lover!

Anyway, in honor of ‘PI’ day I’m twisting it into a more noble topic and writing this post specifically for lovers of PIES, so this is where my loyal readers need to pay attention.  I happen to have an in with the American Pie Council (yes, there is one, and yes, I’m bragging about my proud affiliation with same) as I hold a ‘seat at the table’ with them.  Next month I will be returning to their annual competition for my second chance at judging pies of all shapes, sizes, and flavors, and please don’t judge me but I’m already getting excited about it again!

Oh, and by the way, you can read about my first pie judging assignment here.

But if you’re already turning key lime green shades of jealousy, here’s the part where you can get involved and join in on the fun.  My friends at the Pie Council are looking for volunteers to work the upcoming 2018 National Pie Championship.  The event dates are April 6-7, and this year it’s happening at the Rosen Centre Hotel on International Drive.  Positions range from pie display set up, pie check in desk, pie cutter, working in the pie learning center, table captains, servers, and the list goes on.  There’s sure to be a pie spot to ‘fit’ every pie lover, so choose for yourself when you visit the website at American Pie Council. 

Plus, all volunteers receive a tee shirt and a pie – what more joy could you want in one day?!

So whether or not you’re a PI lover, why not celebrate 3/14 with a tasty slice of actual PIE? When you’re done licking that fork full of goodness, then move on over to the Pie Council website and sign up to be a volunteer at the upcoming APC National Pie Championship.  It will feature both amateur and professional pie makers from around the globe as they compete for top honors including sweet creams, fruits, chicken pot pies and this year there is even a gluten free category because we can’t deprive GF people of pie goodness!  Pies are crafted on site and judged based on appearance, taste, consistency, crust and overall product.  So yes, my job is heavy with both responsibility and calories but hey, someone’s got to take a hit for the team, right?

As another tasty aside, I’ve also learned that Publix is celebrating National Pi Day with free samples of key lime pi(e) in their bakeries from 4-7PM on March 14.

Life just gets sweeter and sweeter here in the Hive. . .

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