Hotels Offer Great Ideas for Unique and Special Date Nights

Well for sure there’s no argument about a shortage of things to do here in Orlando. But, what if you could peel away – guilt free – from the kids, pets, house projects, laundry, lawn mowing and other distractions that keep us adults from going out and having a little romantic grown up fun as a two-some? Where would you go? Pull up a barstool and let’s chat, because I’ve got some great ideas for you, some of which you’ve probably never even considered because they involve, well, going out into the tourist corridor. (ba-dump)

I know what you’re thinking. Mon Dieu! Is the Hive lady drinking too much butter beer? Well that would be no, because I would never, not ever, suggest to anyone who lives in Otown that they visit a theme park for a romantic date night, and in particular during summer months. (Well, technically, that would be a hot summer date, but again, not the path I’m leading you down today.) That said, let me share just a few of the date night gems I know about ‘out there’ and you can be the butter-beer judge.

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“Nightclubbing at 6PM?”          

Yes, that’s the response I was greeted with when I told daughter about being invited to the grand opening of Club 39, a chic new “Las-Vegas style” hotel nightclub that can be found at the Rosen Plaza Hotel on IDrive.  Not the response I expected when I was proudly boasting to her about the fact that […]

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