“Nightclubbing at 6PM?”          

Yes, that’s the response I was greeted with when I told daughter about being invited to the grand opening of Club 39, a chic new “Las-Vegas style” hotel nightclub that can be found at the Rosen Plaza Hotel on IDrive.  Not the response I expected when I was proudly boasting to her about the fact that her mother was invited to a nightclub, but upon reflection, I did have to laugh about the timing.

“Geez, I guess the early hour does kind of make it seem like it’s the ‘senior citizen grand opening’ ?” I replied with a chuckle.

“Um, yeah, mom!”

Okay, point taken.  But in reality, it was most certainly NOT out of line for a hotel to host invited guests – no matter their age! – at an earlier hour to a chic preview event, which is exactly what this was.  So off I went (with my pride quite intact, thank you) and reconfirmed that you can, indeed, have a really good time at a nightclub no matter what time of day or night it is!  As proof, here’s what we saw during daylight hours:



Um, hello?


Well, okay, let’s be honest. Who would turn down the opportunity for a picture with a mermaid if given the chance?

I know what you’re thinking.  Lions and tigers and mermaids, oh my!  And you’re right.  Some pictures just don’t need any explanation.  My take is that to add to the fun, we were surrounded by unique performance artists at every turn, and some of them really pair better with the great outdoors, right?

But rest assured that while all this, and more, was happening outside, there was still a lot of action going on inside the club.  Food, and plenty of it from chefs carving beef to mini tacos, spicy shrimp and more.  Oh yes, and then there were the drinks. . . and that woman hanging from the ceiling pouring champagne as she twisted and turned from the trapeze-drapery device never spilling a drop.  Sorry folks, no pix available on that spectacular feat because I was too busy with my head in the air watching her every move and wondering how in the heck she could smile while doing same!  By the time I remembered I was supposed to be documenting this event, well, let’s just say the champagne was flowing and I was happy and chatting and enjoying the moment.  It’s what you do at a social event full of wows, okay?  But I did manage to snap a few additional pix before putting the camera down.  These were all taken inside:



A look inside Club 39


Entertainment by Dreissen


No, not me but my alter ego shakin’ her booty just like I do. NOT!

And, just to be clear, us ‘old folks’ were indeed having fun on the dance floor.  So much fun that we never left until after 11PM which put us clearly in a partied-for-a-full-5 hours-category (remember we started at 6PM!)  which I think is quite the respectful effort considering the apex of our nightclub hopping days were “a few years ago.” (Are you listening, kids?)

Anyway, in the end as the saying goes, the thing to always remember is “you’re as young as you feel”.  This event definitely took us back to our disco-dancing club loving past even though I’m sure that even back then we never actually entered a club when it was still daylight! So CHEERS to Club 39, and thanks for the fun memories!

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Just your average middle age gal trying to deal with career/life/family changes and issues while studying people and places, one lobby bar at a time.

4 thoughts on ““Nightclubbing at 6PM?”          

  1. Thanks, Dawn! It was a fun night, for sure, and ‘people our age’ need more of those, right? Thanks for reading!


  2. This looks like so much fun! I’ll tell ya, I’m so over late night clubs anyway (not that I was always that into them anyway). I love your perspective on this, such a refreshing review of a new business in the area.


    1. Yeah, since it’s in a great convention hotel, this is a classy alternative to a lot of other area nightclubs. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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