This is My Voice

Observing and analyzing life for your amusement and my entertainment, from my perch on a bar stool, one hotel lobby at a time.
So here’s the naked truth about writing a blog.  You have to be willing to put yourself out there, I mean really way far out there.  Especially when you’re primarily writing about life issues.  I mean, we all have them, right?  Issues.  Opinions.  Feelings that are all over the place on any given day of the week; any time of the day.  Especially if you’re a woman, which I am.  That’s not to say that men don’t have opinions.  Just ask any of them and you’ll find they do.  But, they tend to – and I’m generalizing here – express said opines in short sentences with small verbs (like, “yes” which is what you get for an answer when a man is asked, “Are you ready to leave the house, dear?”  But when you ask that same question of a woman, her response is most likely a little more in depth, more like, “yes, well, I’m almost ready.  I just need to pick out a pair of earrings – do you like these?  Or maybe these?  And then I also need to change purses and put on my lipstick – where is that new one I bought last week?  Oh well, where was I?  Oh, yes dear, I’m almost ready.  Just need a couple more minutes and then we can scoot out of here.”)  Get my point?  Women like to talk and hear themselves speak.  Men?  Not so much.  Therefore, my voice is mainly from the vantage point of a grown woman, and this one likes to talk.  Hopefully there will be someone listening.
And, as far as the ‘putting myself out there’ part, well, it is what it is.  Writing is an art form, and by sharing mine with you I’m also opening myself up to your responses – the good (“right on, lady!”), the angry (“what the heck is that supposed to mean?”), the “why did she say that?”, etc.   If you’re currently reading this, you are also most likely a friend, because as the saying goes, “I’ve never met a stranger”.  This thought might also cause you to pause and say to yourself, “is she writing about me today?” to which I will (most likely) quite simply answer “no.”  How can I be so sure?  Well, as unique as we all think we are, we are also very much alike.  That’s right, now that you’ve spent a major portion of your life believing all those things about how very individual each and every one of us is, well, I’m here to tell you we’ve got a lot more in common that you might think.  We love.  We hate.  We laugh.  We hurt.  We play.  We work.  We live.  And so it goes for all of us.
Now, regarding the lobby bar business.  Well, if you know me that really needs no explanation.  I travel and work a lot in hotels.  I also drink adult beverages, especially when I’m in lobby bars, and therefore that’s usually where my voice takes form.  Enough said.
On some days my BLOG might be referred to as a ‘MLOG’ or meetings blog, as that’s what my primary business revolves around – meetings and conventions.  Other days I might refer to it as a ‘L-LOG’, or life blog.  I’m also quite fond of the ‘TLOG’, aka travel log, and ‘FLOG’ which is, you guessed it, a food log.  Finally, don’t be surprised if every once in a while it comes out as a ‘DLOG’ as in drinking log, not be confused with the ‘DogLOG’, which (surprise!) will be about dogs, specifically the one that lives with me, also affectionately known as ‘It’s Not My Dog!’  Whatever form it takes I hope you enjoy it.  And, obviously the only way I’ll know if you do is for you to respond.  Feel free to give me your own opinions and reflections on life.  We won’t always agree, but that’s not always bad, right?
So, for now I write.  You read.  Then, hopefully, we’ll discuss.  Pull up a bar stool and take the journey with me.  I might even pick up the tab.

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Just your average middle age gal trying to deal with career/life/family changes and issues while studying people and places, one lobby bar at a time.

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