Do You Like Free?

I know I do, and this week I’m sharing an awesome website about all kinds of things that happen in and around Orlando each week, and many of them are free as in F.R.E.E.  I know it’s hard to believe given that we live in the land of [yawn] $100 per day tickets to you-know-where [sigh], but maybe that’s what makes this information even more sweet.  We all know there are hidden gems in and around OTown, and I’m always happy to share news about any of them that I can.  So check out this website called, appropriately, Orlando at Play, and tell me you don’t just love the areas that scream “FREE Events”?

I’m waiting. Are you channeling the love?

Okay, maybe screaming is a bit of an exaggeration (and it should also be noted that not entirely everything is free – surely your mother already told you that, right?), but you’ve got to agree that there are lots of great performances to chose from and overall, this provides a whole lot of pretty sweet offers.  Check out some of the listings [below] from the 5 Days of Free Events, April 10-15, sponsored by the UCF School of Performing Arts  which includes their departments of performing arts, music and theatre.  Don’t be discouraged when at first glance you see ‘buy tickets now’ buttons because you have to do a little work and click through to find the free parts.  The UCF School of Performing Arts is generously offering these five special days with an incredible variety of performances, and did I mention that many are presented at no charge?  Nada.  No moola. Complimentary, aka FREE:

5 Days of FREE Eventsat Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center                         UCF Celebrates the Arts

6:00PM A Day of Gaming with FIEA 6:00PM Courtyard Movies
7:30PM Icarus at the Edge of Time 7:00PM Simply Dance: UCF Dance Showcase
with Brian Green and Kate Mulgrew 7:00PM High School Band Invitational Concert
11:00AM Animated Shorts 6:00PM Courtyard Movies
12:30PM Civil War Voices: Orlando Rep & UCF Choirs 7:00PM Night of Percussion
2:30PM Collide Contemperary Music Series 7:00PM High School/Middle School Chorus
4:00PM Feature Film and Shorts Invitational Concert
4:00PM UCF Chamber Ensembles
6:00PM Theatre UCF Showcase
6:00PM Courtyard Movies
8:00PM Shakespeare Swings! A Cabaret
10:30AM Civil War Voices: Orlando Rep & UCF Choirs 1:00PM Open Rehearsal of
1:00PM Simply Dance: UCF Dance Showcase Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra’s Tosca
3:00PM UCF Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Band 6:00PM Opera Master Class
4:00PM Theatre UCF Showcase
6:00PM Courtyard Movies
7:00PM UCF Choirs with Theatre UCF Dancers
So, what are you waiting for?  Now you have no excuse for not getting a little culture in your life this month because, well, not only are most of these artistic offerings FREE but also because the FREE part should make it all the more attractive for you to attend an event that could be a little outside your normal wheelhouse of comfort which might be, oh I don’t know, maybe that easy chair in front of the wide screen in your living room?WARNING:  If interested, get off that couch now because some of these shows are already sold out but will accommodate those willing to wait-in-line and grab seats of those naughty no-show people. (And FYI, normally, this Hospitality Maven doesn’t approve of being a no-show, but hey, when it works in my favor I go with the flow.)

Civil War Voices?  Shakespeare Swings! A Night of Percussion?  I mean, come on, let’s  stop complaining about the high cost of performance events and patronize unique things like this, not just because they’re free but because a whole lot of people have put forth a whole lot of effort to offer all these great events in the hopes of enriching your lives, one talented performance at a time.  That’s right, someone out there believes that an art-enriched life is a happier one (hello, anyone with me on this one?), and since we already know that we live in/near/around the (get ready, you know it’s coming) ‘happiest place on earth’, let’s do our part to keep those musical toes a tappin’ and magic wands a wavin’. ( Forgive me.  Sometimes I can’t help myself.) Make sure to sign up for Orlando at Play, which is brought to your inbox weekly courtesy of United Arts of Central Florida.  I’m obviously a fan and hope you will be, too because this is a true show of hospitality right here in our own backyards.

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