Things Were Just Great at the OK Corral!

OK Corral eventcenterbest_800x428
Welcome to the OK Corral Gun Club in Okeechobee, FL!

Sometimes you just gotta step out of your comfort zone, and that’s exactly what husband and I did last weekend when we took a road trip down to Okeechobee, FL for a visit to the OK Corral. More specifically, the OK Corral Gun Club.  Yep.  You read that correctly, but before I give you the details, let me just set this little road trip up for you by saying this was for a family reunion celebrating a special birthday.  And since the hosts of this event live in Okeechobee their venue choice made perfect sense.  But still, the ‘back-story’ is worth telling because, well, it went something like this:

I receive a IM message with the initial invite.  My response: “Ok, we’re in.  Where and when?”

Reply:  “Here, at the OK Corral,” which I, being an uniformed Orlando City Slicker, thought was just a cutesy name for their homestead in Okeechobee.

Me again:  “Can you give us an actual address, please?”

Reply:  “The OK Corral.”

All righty then!  Me, one more time:  “Is this your home, or what exactly are we looking for in our directions?”

Reply:  “It’s a gun club with a really cool restaurant.  The OK Corral Gun Club.  Okeechobee.  See you soon!”

OK Corral highnooncafe1
You don’t have to be a cowboy to love this food!

And just like that, after weathering last weekend’s near miss of a hurricane, husband and I were in the car on Sunday headed for the OK Corral Gun Club (and restaurant).  I’m still smiling as I write this because, well gee whiz, doesn’t that name just put an inquisitive grin on your face while envisioning what delightful stories lie ahead if you find yourself on a journey to a gun club in Okeechobee called the OK Corral?  Well let me tell you, it was indeed more than ‘just a gun club.’ It was it’s own brand of adventure park complete with all types of range sports for both pistol and rifle, as well as a “cowboy action range” (huh?) and a competition park where, according to the brochure, “qualified shooters and instructors with reservations can participate in the action by drawing from holster and moving while shooting.”  To that there was also the sporting clay courses for trap and skeet including both a “covered 5-stand and a wobble deck.” (And no, I don’t know what any of this is which is why I have to keep using quotation marks around the descriptions as I pull them directly from the brochure.  Hey, I’m honest,  and I like that about me!)  Lodging?  Check.  Event center? Check-check.  This list continues.

OK Corral liverystable4%20(800x533)
Note the presence of golf carts at the livery stable? Only in Florida, right?
OK Corral cowboy parkFeb20120001
Part of the Cowboy competition park
OK Corral wobbledeck2
Oh, so THIS is what a wobble deck looks like?

I’m sure it’s obvious by now that you’ve correctly surmised I’m woefully uneducated in matters of guns, but even I had to admit this place was cowboy cool, for sure!

Oh, and that restaurant?  It was the perfect combination of great food,  wonderful ‘spunky’ atmosphere, and just enough of that old west gun-slinging ambience to make you appreciate the sport involved with a gun club.  But the best part was that it wasn’t over the top, and by that I mean if you up-routed that OK Corral and put it here in Orlando well, I think we all know where this is going.  It would just be another theme park in an area where fantasy worlds trump reality.  But out there in Okeechobee it was the real deal.  Genuine.  And definitely worth the trip for any city slicker.  Even this one.

And while there was no time for me to even get close to a gun (which is a really good thing. . .), our group did have a wonderful celebration including some whiskey throw-backs.  Thanks, Florida Georgia Line for that yummy new blend of peaches & pecans you concocted for all of us.  Cheers to Old Camp Whiskey AND the OK Corral!

Florida Georgia Line showcase their new whiskey, Old Camp. This cowgirl-for-a-day loved it, too!
Florida Georgia Line showcase their new whiskey, Old Camp. This cowgirl-for-a-day loved it, too!

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