When the Phone Rings…

Do you answer?  I know that sounds crazy, but it seems like answering an actual phone call has almost become a lost art these days.  With so many people relying only on texting, chatting, IM and voice mail to get their messages across, that leaves so few of us left that really do enjoy a conversation.  And yes, I used the word ‘us’ because I’m one of ‘them’.

I answer my phone.


Ok, yes, sometimes I do have a glass of wine in hand when I answer the phone which might explain why I sound chipper on the other end of your call!
That’s right.  As long as I’m within distance when I hear that ring I will answer your call.  Hopefully, usually with a pleasant greeting and a smile, and many times that’s what will throw the caller off base.  In a world where many if not the majority of calls go unanswered [aka ignored. . .] I try to be different.  Why?  Well mostly because I prefer the direct approach to get the job done.  Presumably you’re calling because you need me, so guess what?  Here I am!  Now, what can I do for you?


Hello, this is TERRY!

And since this is true confession time, I’ll share something else:  I rarely glance at the caller ID before answering!  Crazy, isn’t it? (Yes, kids, some of us don’t screen our calls. . .) But here’s the thing.  I’m a pretty busy person and don’t like to waste time with the ‘who’s this?’ or the ‘what’s he/she calling about now?’ that inevitably follows every screen glance when a name or number pops up.  (Also, to be perfectly, brutally honest, many times I can’t even read the screen unless I first pause for my glasses and by then, well, that ring can get annoying, so my approach is hey, just do the deed and get ‘er done.)

​So, where am I going with this little confessional?  Due to a phone call that I just recently answered I am now headed out for a work assignment in Singapore.

Yes, you read that correct.  I answered a client phone call, we chatted for a few quick minutes, and the rest is now documented in a round trip ticket with my name on it that will take me from Orlando to Dubai, then on to Singapore where I’ll be working a client event before returning back home some ten days later.  And yes, that was quite an interesting and unusual phone call, but heck, I do work in an interesting industry that does indeed involve a lot of travel.  Not a week goes by that I don’t get an interesting proposition of some sort, but even I was surprised at that one.  And when I tell you the initial conversation didn’t last more than 10 minutes I’m not kidding.  Yes, there was necessary follow up to confirm everything but in the end, it all began with someone dialing my number and me being able – and willing – to answer the call.  Would the client have left a message, or perhaps kept on dialing until they found another available planner?  Lucky for me I don’t have to contemplate the answer because I’m already too busy packing and getting ready for the journey ahead.

​So, how about you?  When your phone rings do you answer? Take it from me, it could be your next big adventure waiting on the other end of the phone!

​NOTE TO MY READERS:  I look forward to updating you on this trip and others in future posts, so stay tuned for ‘life beyond the phone calls.’

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Just your average middle age gal trying to deal with career/life/family changes and issues while studying people and places, one lobby bar at a time.

8 thoughts on “When the Phone Rings…

  1. Looking forward to the updates about the trip with the photos too! Be safe and will see you when you return dear friend.


  2. TML, have a great trip!! You are the right girl for the job 🙂 and yes I answer the phone too!! Look forward to hearing all about it my friend be safe and travel well. MJM


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