Meet My Friends, Stranded by C-19 in a Van in Mexico

Like many of you, I follow some pretty interesting and unique world travelers via their blog space because these days traveling vicariously is about the only way we do it, right? Well that and spending countless hours scrolling through our phone photos and/or possibly pulling out the old hard copies of our former trips. I even posted about that myself last month, and you can read about it here: Remember Travel?

But today I wanted to share a travel journey with another personal connection as well as a unique twist, so let me introduce you to my friends, Curt and Snow (not kidding – her real given name is Cynthia Snow White. Doesn’t that sound like the name of someone you want to get to know? You’re welcome!). They are currently known as ‘Van Life Travelers’ (yes, it’s a thing-you can Google it yourself for confirmation) meaning they are, indeed, traveling the world in a van.

Yep, way back about ten months ago when the earth was still round (what, like you didn’t know that the curve has been flattened?) and revolving and operating pretty much as it had been for eons, that is to say pre-pandemic, Curt and Snow made a huge life-altering decision to turn their lives topsy-turvy, sell everything, buy a van and travel the world.

With two cats.

So, ten months into what they have planned on being a ten year around the world journey covering six continents, “the thing” happens that has stopped us all on our own personal journey to wherever it was that we were headed (at this point who can even remember?) and voila. Their trip grinds to a halt. In Mexico.

Yes pre-pandemic, people actually had a choice in turning their lives upside down!

Now it just so happens that Curt and Snow are pretty smart cookies, I mean you’d have to be to plan this kind of a trip, right? So back in March when word of the world’s impending gloom and doom started slowly spreading to where they were currently positioned on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, they did a whole lot of research before coming to the conclusion that instead of scrambling to get back to the USA (where, did I mention they had sold their very large and gorgeous lakefront home along with most of their lovely worldly possessions?) they actually chose to stay put in Mexico. Realizing that the US border was quickly closing and weighing their available options at the time, staying put seemed like the wiser, safer decision for the two nomads, and I can’t say that I blame them.

So kerplunk it was, right then and there in Mexico.


And for me, being able to follow their travels via Facebook and their own YouTube channel has been both fun and educational, so by sharing their story and links with you here, I’m betting you might enjoy taking the journey with all of us because yes, you now have an invitation to get inside that van and well, um, on second thought. . . maybe the rest of us should just watch from the outside, okay? Plus, during this quarantine they have actually temporarily moved into a way cool apartment/casita thus ending the daily elusive search for reliable internet connections that many world nomads constantly curse.

But there’s so much more to this story than constantly searching for internet, being quarantined in Mexico, traveling the world in a van (with two cats, although that in itself is pretty darn interesting, don’t you think?). While the rest of us have been forced into redefining a new normal in our daily lives, they got a jump start last year by taking a thoughtful pause in their previously over-scheduled lives and consciously making serious life choices.

You might even say they let go of excess while holding on to their sanity.

And for them it was totally the right decision.

Why does his face mask look so different than mine?

To watch the video they thoughtfully created to launch this awesome adventure, please click through here. To learn more about their journey to this point including the good, the surprises, the challenges, and the fun, please show them some love and subscribe to their You Tube channel here.

After all, thanks to C-19, the rest of us are still only dreaming about future travel while currently going nowhere fast.

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