Feeling New in 2022?

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That’s a loaded question, isn’t it? I mean, aren’t we all supposed to feel the rush of “newness” as we cross over the bridge from one year to the next? Hint: I’ve been told we’ll all find it right after experiencing things like “hopefulness” and “belief.” And yet, with the recent arrival of 2022, the words and phrases that keep popping up are more like recovery, rediscovery, here we go again (always with a roll of eyes), and the ever popular, “let’s pivot!” (Are you pausing for a pivot puke? I kinda am, just a little in my throat. . .)

As for me, I’m still feeling a little dizzy from 2021. Like when you’re standing on a street corner and you carefully look both ways before starting to cross and then suddenly that car comes out of nowhere causing you to whiplash – wait! What just happened? Where did that guy come from?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Yeah, that pretty much describes my 2021 dizzy. You, too?

So, as I approach this new year, every time I hear or see something about finding your normal again, I have to pause and remind myself that normal is a very fluid word. I mean think about it. What was normal for you five or ten years ago most certainly isn’t today, and those lost “norms” have nothing to do with all the changes brought about in the last two years due to the pandemic. The things I no longer do today that were part of my ten-year-ago normal routine were abandoned because I’ve evolved. Jobs change, priorities shift, people in our lives come and go.

And if we’ve learned anything so far in this short breath of 2022 it’s that this pandemic is not going to be discarded like that 2021 calendar you just tossed out. No way, nuh-uh. Best if you accept that statement and learn to adjust to the new now. Unfortunately, we’ve already been introduced to much of the new now in the form of crabby travelers, zero customer service, higher prices, lower expectations. But since I try really hard not to focus on gloom and doom in my writing, I’d rather highlight what I see as some positives moving forward, so here’s my best current advice for approaching 2022 in the right frame of mind:

Repeat this daily: it’s okay not to bring back everything as it was before.

Sorry I couldn’t come up with anything more profound, but that’s all I got.

I hope that’s not shocking to anyone but seriously folks. Instead of trying to get back on that same pre-covid treadmill again, how about focusing on what’s next? What exciting new possibilities are up ahead for you? We are all coming out of the same void that was 2021 and granted, our energy is low. But what better time to upgrade your attitude?

So, here’s to a hopeful year ahead, whatever that looks like for you.

PS – Here’s some cute puppies because I hope they make you smile.

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

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