It’s Been a Minute, yes?

Have you been waiting long?
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So, here’s the thing about writing and blogging, at least from my perspective. I love doing both, really, I do! But these last few months, um, wow. Just seriously wow.

True Confession: Mostly for reasons no longer necessary to explain, (Hello? Anyone else recently get sidelined by the never-ending fallout from “Pandemic Pandemonium”? Good, I was hoping it wasn’t just me.), I’ve very definitely missed a few writing deadlines, although I do still love the whoosh sound they make whilst speeding by me. Sigh.

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See how those jets were speeding along in one direction until they made an abrupt turn? Yeah, I’m feeling it! But most of us are doing that every day now, right?

Just making sure.

And while I know we’re all working on finding a solution to this problem we share – that being how to let go of the excess while holding on to our sanity – it does seem a good time to admit we’re all just a bloody bit damaged at this point.

Damaged by all the *mayhem* going on around us that can’t be seen. Which is why I’ve adopted two new mottos:

  • Attempt to organize the chaos
  • Forget all those other goals. Today I think I’ll just try to be happy!

So, with those two pieces of sage advice in hand, here I am in my happy place blogging again and hoping that during the recent pause I haven’t left too many of you searching for my obituary because you most definitely won’t find it. Having survived the last few years of le confinement and (thus far) beyond, what we all now know for darn sure is that we – every last one of us – are working without a net. Period.

Best if we prepare to NOT be surprised by whatever lies ahead because in your book of life, do you know the whole plot? Of course not. Many of us can’t even dream about the next scene we’re going to jump into. Which is why if wine could talk a lot more people would be great storytellers.

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Thanks for reading to the end of this little story, and now it has officially been another minute. Did you hear the whoosh?!

*Some Mayhem actually can be seen if you open the link attached. This should not be confused with the unseen mayhem going on all around us, maybe even inside your head right now. . .

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Just your average middle age gal trying to deal with career/life/family changes and issues while studying people and places, one lobby bar at a time.

4 thoughts on “It’s Been a Minute, yes?

      1. Ohmygosh – would you believe I’m still right here where we last left off? I’m sure it’s been a minute for you, too, but thanks for continuing to read and comment. We’ve just got to work on a reunion for “the band members”!


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